Weight Loss Porridge Box
Weight Loss Porridge Box
Weight Loss Porridge Box

Weight Loss Porridge Box

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Two Porridge Pots Per Day, 200 cals each

Simply replace breakfast and lunch with my home-made, natural and filling porridge and eat a healthy dinner.

Best for:

  • long-term weight change
  • people who struggle to exercise regularly
  • occasional meals out
  • minimal time in the kitchen

What's in your Box?

  • Amazingly filling, 100% natural Protein Porridge (just add water)
  • Two 200 cal Protein Porridges per day
  • 2 Day Plan = 4xPorridge, 5 Day Plan = 10xPorridge, 7 Day Plan = 14xPorridge

By taking the worry out of breakfast and lunch, giving you a fabulous 'on-the-go' porridge (that will keep you full and banish cravings for 4 hours), you can lose weight healthily and easily. I use a creamy milk-based protein called casein, which is the most slow-release protein available.

Remember this home-made (by me in my kitchen!) Protein Porridge have been designed exclusively by me for this programme. You won't find them anywhere else.

Note: The Porridge Pots contain milk, so are not suitable for vegans or those with dairy intolerance (please contact me as I may be able to provide an alternative)