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Can eating more protein REALLY help you balance your diet?

A look at the science behind protein and how it can help YOU live healthier… It seems crazy, but a little bit more protein can really help you feel better by filling you up for longer and keeping those cravings at bay. "Protein is as filling as fat but as low calorie as carbs." Let’s look at that simple fact as it’s really important. Fat is the most calorific food group you can eat. Each gram of fat has 9 calories. We all know that fat-rich foods make us fat and in simple terms that is true. Even a small amount of fat (a smidge of butter on your toast for example) ups the calories no end. So we do need...

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Why does protein at breakfast matter?

Eating protein is a crucial part of any nutrition plan. Eating protein keeps you fuller for longer, preventing you from snacking between meals and consuming extra calories. Upping protein in the first meal of the day can help you become healthier. Do you need to eat breakfast? For some people, skipping breakfast doesn’t affect their day. But it all depends on what you are going to eat later. If I skip breakfast, then I am more likely to eat in an uncontrolled manner later. Is that the case for you? Of course, the foods you eat at breakfast are key. "A high protein meal may help you lose weight by reducing hunger and cravings for the rest of the day."...

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