Wake Up To The Perfect Breakfast

Perfect Porridge

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Super Shakes

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Lovingly Homemade with Natural Ingredients

Junk free • Healthy & Balanced • Homemade

"Sometimes I want to know I'm getting all the right nutrition with the minimum of fuss."

A new home-made protein range from JAC'S KITCHEN to fill you up and give you a perfectly balanced meal. Choose from SUPER SHAKES or PERFECT PORRIDGE.

All made in my home kitchen using natural ingredients.

Real ingredients you can trust

The shakes are made of nuts, seeds, coconut, chicory, hemp and rice. All totally natural REAL ingredients that you trust. (Oh and it's vegan and gluten-free too!)

The porridge is made of oats, milk and two types of milk protein (casein and whey protein). Just add water.

"I don't want artificially & chemically enhanced meals when I cook at home so why should I settle for that here?" Jacqueline Whitehart